Concordance for adjective motive


The page lists top contexts for adjective motive and their percentages (as applied to automotive subject domain).

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23.38%  motive [producing effect] power
22.84%  motive [producing effect] means
15.11%  motive [producing effect] force
10.73%  motive [producing effect] fluid
6.39%  motive [producing effect] device
4.29%  motive [producing effect] temperature
3.57%  motive [producing effect] flow
3.57%  motive [producing effect] inlet
3.57%  motive [producing effect] source
2.74%  motive [producing effect] valve
1.42%  motive [producing effect] mechanism
1.18%  motive [producing effect] signal
1.13%  motive [producing effect] air


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