Concordance for adjective commercial


The page lists top contexts for adjective commercial and their percentages (as applied to automotive subject domain).

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18.59%  commercial [domain related] vehicle
7.79%  commercial [domain related] mixture
6.29%  commercial [domain related] success
6.20%  commercial [domain related] oil
4.58%  commercial [domain related] use
4.33%  commercial [domain related] additive
4.07%  commercial [domain related] utility
3.62%  commercial [domain related] engine
3.53%  commercial [domain related] product
3.37%  commercial [domain related] aircraft
2.22%  commercial [domain related] application
2.08%  commercial [domain related] form
1.92%  commercial [domain related] building
1.85%  commercial [domain related] catalyst
1.85%  commercial [domain related] grade
1.85%  commercial [domain related] improver
1.66%  commercial [domain related] detergent-dispersants
1.63%  commercial [domain related] operation
1.60%  commercial [domain related] package
1.48%  commercial [domain related] acceptance
1.48%  commercial [domain related] availability
1.34%  commercial [domain related] system
1.29%  commercial [domain related] diesel
1.29%  commercial [domain related] facility
1.29%  commercial [domain related] interest
1.17%  commercial [domain related] fuel
1.11%  commercial [domain related] air
1.11%  commercial [domain related] detergent-dispersant
1.11%  commercial [domain related] inhibitor
1.11%  commercial [domain related] quality
1.11%  commercial [domain related] specification
0.96%  commercial [domain related] value
0.96%  commercial [domain related] car
0.91%  commercial [domain related] source
0.88%  commercial [domain related] truck
0.77%  commercial [domain related] unit
0.75%  commercial [domain related] brake
0.72%  commercial [domain related] process


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