Matched context for wet and dry


The page lists matched contexts for wet and dry.

Share - wetShare - dry  Phrase
4.66%12.57%  {wet or dry} [dampness] system
3.50%6.37%  {wet or dry} [dampness] condition
5.40%1.79%  {wet or dry} [dampness] brake
1.77%4.04%  {wet or dry} [dampness] surface
2.05%2.67%  {wet or dry} [dampness] fuel
0.93%6.37%  {wet or dry} [dampness] gas
1.49%2.13%  {wet or dry} [dampness] road
2.05%1.68%  {wet or dry} [dampness] temperature
0.74%1.34%  {wet or dry} [dampness] environment
0.65%1.68%  {wet or dry} [dampness] material
0.83%2.35%  {wet or dry} [dampness] side
1.58%0.67%  {wet or dry} [dampness] unit
0.65%0.78%  {wet or dry} [dampness] braking
0.55%0.89%  {wet or dry} [dampness] compound
1.21%0.78%  {wet or dry} [dampness] weather


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