Matched context for control and use


The page lists matched contexts for control and use.

Share - controlShare - use  Phrase
1.69%0.67%  {control or use} valve [perform operation]
0.27%0.12%  {control or use} actuator [perform operation]
0.43%0.18%  {control or use} air [perform operation]
0.20%0.28%  {control or use} apparatus [perform operation]
0.20%0.20%  {control or use} brake [perform operation]
0.24%0.25%  {control or use} circuit [perform operation]
0.16%0.16%  {control or use} cylinder [perform operation]
0.46%0.53%  {control or use} device [perform operation]
0.46%0.34%  {control or use} engine [perform operation]
0.22%0.16%  {control or use} fluid [perform operation]
0.74%0.59%  {control or use} fuel [perform operation]
0.16%0.21%  {control or use} gas [perform operation]
0.28%0.19%  {control or use} injector [perform operation]
0.80%0.31%  {control or use} means [perform operation]
0.18%0.23%  {control or use} mechanism [perform operation]
0.19%0.16%  {control or use} mixture [perform operation]
0.64%0.21%  {control or use} motor [perform operation]
0.15%0.13%  {control or use} output [perform operation]
1.66%0.26%  {control or use} pressure [perform operation]
0.28%0.42%  {control or use} pump [perform operation]
2.44%0.14%  {control or use} ratio [perform operation]
0.49%0.18%  {control or use} speed [perform operation]
0.20%0.18%  {control or use} switch [perform operation]
0.62%0.84%  {control or use} system [perform operation]
0.32%0.12%  {control or use} temperature [perform operation]
0.18%0.18%  {control or use} unit [perform operation]
0.23%0.11%  {control or use} wheel [perform operation]
0.17%0.18%  {control or use} in engine
0.58%1.37%  {control or use} modal can
0.22%1.31%  {control or use} modal may
0.22%0.12%  control [does] {control or use}
0.77%0.10%  controller [does] {control or use}
0.12%0.32%  engine [does] {control or use}
0.92%0.16%  method [does] {control or use}
0.18%0.25%  possible to {control or use}
0.81%0.39%  system [does] {control or use}


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