Matched context for comprise and hold


The page lists matched contexts for comprise and hold.

Share - compriseShare - hold  Phrase
2.87%0.78%  means [does] {comprise or hold}
0.93%1.08%  {comprise or hold} member [perform operation]
0.73%1.48%  {comprise or hold} valve [perform operation]
0.18%0.25%  {comprise or hold} arm [perform operation]
0.32%0.37%  {comprise or hold} assembly [perform operation]
0.55%0.47%  {comprise or hold} body [perform operation]
0.38%0.18%  {comprise or hold} chamber [perform operation]
0.38%0.44%  {comprise or hold} circuit [perform operation]
0.42%0.30%  {comprise or hold} cylinder [perform operation]
0.32%0.26%  {comprise or hold} device [perform operation]
0.37%0.35%  {comprise or hold} element [perform operation]
0.15%0.24%  {comprise or hold} gear [perform operation]
0.14%0.14%  {comprise or hold} head [perform operation]
0.67%0.24%  {comprise or hold} housing [perform operation]
0.15%0.33%  {comprise or hold} lever [perform operation]
2.27%0.36%  {comprise or hold} means [perform operation]
0.24%0.14%  {comprise or hold} mechanism [perform operation]
0.17%0.26%  {comprise or hold} part [perform operation]
0.11%0.31%  {comprise or hold} pin [perform operation]
0.30%0.82%  {comprise or hold} piston [perform operation]
0.35%0.57%  {comprise or hold} plate [perform operation]
0.10%0.14%  {comprise or hold} plug [perform operation]
0.51%0.36%  {comprise or hold} portion [perform operation]
0.15%0.26%  {comprise or hold} ring [perform operation]
0.17%0.29%  {comprise or hold} rod [perform operation]
0.23%0.16%  {comprise or hold} section [perform operation]
0.25%0.42%  {comprise or hold} shaft [perform operation]
0.15%0.27%  {comprise or hold} sleeve [perform operation]
0.30%0.38%  {comprise or hold} spring [perform operation]
0.16%0.15%  {comprise or hold} surface [perform operation]
0.21%0.19%  {comprise or hold} switch [perform operation]
0.15%0.72%  {comprise or hold} wheel [perform operation]
0.48%0.17%  circuit [does] {comprise or hold}
1.04%0.17%  device [does] {comprise or hold}
0.45%0.35%  member [does] {comprise or hold}
0.20%0.16%  portion [does] {comprise or hold}
0.10%0.25%  tank [does] {comprise or hold}
0.60%0.14%  valve [does] {comprise or hold}


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